Profit from a long-term relationship together

Our customers know and appreciate the value of first class textile wallcoverings and are creative, yet in terms of design expectations, discerning people. People with the desire to create something beautiful and expressive, therefore using our sophisticated and high-value products to enable ever newer and fresher accents in their designs.

The use of our products ranges from public buildings such as museums and theatres, administration centres and business offices or hotels to high quality private homes.
All our business relationships are based predominantly on our name and reputation and on mutual trust. The legal base is described in our general terms and conditions of business.
Exclusive marketing or distribution agreements for specific markets are generally not offered and our company philosophy does not believe in any external manufacture of textile wall coverings under our name.

We remain loyal to our company, together with our partners, to desire to enable buildings to be decorated globally with textile wallcoverings from Desima – “Handmade in Germany”. If you are interested in marketing our products, simply contact us.

We would be pleased to hear from you.