Important information for our customers

We believe that the right amount of information at the right place can be extremely helpful. Therefore, we have summarised, consolidated and explained many relevant subjects in this section. Should need any further important information please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Unfortunately nowadays there are more and more companies using questionable means to cheat people out of their money. In order to guard you against such events we offer an official certificate as “authorised Desima trader”. Alternatively we can list you on our website in the section Customer Feedback. This provides you the highest level of authenticity and improves additionally your online-presence. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have interest.
    All our products are produced at our location in South Germany. We will gladly send you an official certificate of origin when wished. The preparation for such a document requires an official certification from the German Chamber of Commerce and takes about 7 days. Unfortunately, we will have to pass on these small extra charges to you.
    The two most important certificates are the „CE Declaration of Performance“ and „Certificate of Fire Behaviour“. These can be found under Textile Wallcoverings.
    We are fully aware, that especially in projects, a fire retardant or protective coating is demanded. This often requires the use of poisonous chemicals which is in contradiction to our use of natural materials.
    We offer some articles, which are treated with a water based optical coating and are working constantly on expanding our range.
    The articles in our collection catalogues are generally available for 6 years and in many cases have been on offer for decades. This is valid primarily for our traditional silver Desima Collections, whose articles carry a 4-digit article number. Most of these coverings are in stock and when not can be produced within 2 weeks. Some years ago we sold from time to time alternative collections. These catalogues had a brown cover with an alternative logo. These books (Schloss Salem, Diamonds, Jewels etc.) are no longer a part of our standard portfolio. They have a 5-digit article number. They will be produced only when specially ordered and need 3-6 weeks lead time. The following document summarises a list of expiring collections. Please contact us if you have any enquiries.

    Expiring Collections (PDF)
  • GLUE
    In order to achieve the excellent results expected from such high quality wallcoverings the use of the correct adhesive is essential. The paste for our textile wallpaper should only contain a minimum amount of water to ensure sufficient adhesive power. We recommend Desima Power Glue for our exclusive Textile wallcoverings. Further information can be found under the section Power Glue. Alternatively you can use comparable adhesives from other manufacturers.
    Long term partnerships, based on fairness and mutual trust, are at the core of our philosophy. The person who does his or her very best deserves his or her just rewards. For this reason, we support our partners in the strongly fought project business (> 100 m²) so well as we can and as a result we stand behind you by offering the following possibilities:
    1. Desima-Article reservation: This offer is valid for 1 month and we will keep you informed of any further enquiries from your region concerning requests for similar articles in a comparative volume. After 1 month this time period may be extended.
    2. Binding Desima-article-protection for 2 weeks: We offer this to you singularly for a 2-week period without a surcharge. During this time period we will not sell the protected article in question in a similar quantity in your target market.
    3. Binding Desima-article-protection for 6 months: This protective option will be offered for a non-refundable deposit amounting to 15% of the total value of wall collections needed for the project in question. During this time Desima will not sell the protected product in similar volume in the target market. A further 6-month extension may be granted at no extra charge.

In these ways we hope to be able to give you practical room for manoeuvre in your projects. We are aware that the market conditions for our customers are far from simple but we want to follow the commandment of fairness and to support you wherever we can.