This is what our customers have to say about Desima. What do you say?

Here we would like to give our customers the opportunity to share their views and their experiences they have made with Desima.

On one hand our customers get more attention from the view of the consumer, at the same time highlighting their business relationship to Desima. On the other hand, this feedback helps us to continue to improve our performance and caring for our contact with our customers. Desima supports each of its customers out of conviction. In this way we are able to help potential customers trust Desima. Perhaps you know one of our customers personally who has quoted here? Do not be shy ask him or her!

Naturally the list represents merely a short glimpse at our extensive worldwide network. Of course you are also warmly welcome to contact us, should you wish to add your comments about Desima.


"We are working with Desima since more than two decades and have distributed several hundred collections in our market."

China, Beijing, Terrific Wallpaper Co Ltd.
Jane Zhang, terrificwallpaper(AT)



"Desima ist seit mehr als einem Jahrzehnt unser zuverlässige Partner für exklusive textile Wandbeläge. Wir freuen uns immer unseren Kunden Textiltapeten aus den attraktiven Desima-Kollektionen anbieten zu können."

Deutschland, Berlin, Schulze´s Farben- und Tapetenhaus, Rudolf Dietzmann, info(at),



"Great quality wallcoverings and excellent service. Enjoying the cooperation over 15 years now."

Großbritannien, Suffolk, Architectural Textiles
Tony, sales(at)



"We use Desima Wallcoverings on residential and commercial projects since many years. It is great to have a reliable partner who is always willing to help."

Iran, Tabriz, Wall Arti Co.
Ali Mardanlou, mardanlou_ali(AT)



"Always a pleasure to work with Desima products. Noble designs combined with the high quality always met our customers’ expectations."

Rumänien, Bukarest, Eurotextil
Mario, eurotextil(at)