Starting a cooperation with Desima

We are pleased to hear your interest in our company and would be pleased if we could find a way to cooperate successfully together. In this section we want to summarise the main points needed for a potential cooperation.

We have been a German manufacturer of exclusive textile wallcoverings for over 30 years. Long-term partnerships based on fairness, mutual trust and common success are our declared objective.

Our products can be found worldwide in numerous well-known buildings including, for example, the national opera house in Bucharest in Rumania or the 7 star Pangu hotel in Peking, China. Our portfolio covers more than 500 various articles from jute, viscose, linen and silk. About 80 % of our articles are on stock and the lead-time for new production is about 2 weeks

The idea behind ideal decoration using Desima products is “the something-special-wall” in this way our products are said to create a pleasant and unique room atmosphere.

Advantages of Desima products

  • Our wallcoverings create an individual harmony in the room. This promises you selected designs, together with the natural originality typical of organic materials such as viscose, linen or silk.
  • Out textile coverings are 100% environmentally friendly.
  • We guarantee the highest standard of quality “Handmade in Germany” by our highly qualified workers at our production location in Salem in South Germany.
  • Experienced decorators and tradesmen can use our products efficiently and without difficulty.
  • All our textile wallcoverings fulfil the highest safety regulations.

As previously mentioned the chief characteristics of our wallcoverings stem from the strong advantage of using natural materials, their inherent natural variations typical from organic based materials. This results in an individual mood in the room which is appreciated worldwide by our customers including leading interior designers. Small variations in colour and structure together with a certain amount of non-uniformity in weave or thread patterns are typical and even a proof characteristic of their quality. These features are known, desired and appreciated among the professionals.

However, it is important, to avoid disappointment, that this individuality of these materials is made known to your customers.

A commercial cooperation can be challenging for both parties – for you as customer but also for us as a supplier. There is no simple golden rule, but we always strive to find the best solution for both sides.
There are many reasons that we do not make any exclusive agreements for the various markets. We are conscious of the fact that this philosophy can have some disadvantages but on the other hand numerous advantages where both sides could profit. We rely on mutual trust and want the commercial processing of orders to be as little as complicated as possible. The prices are predefined as per our price list which is valid for 2 to 3 years. The rest of the contractual information is described under our general terms and conditions.

There are three standard variations how customers work with us:

  • Option 1 (Wholesalers, retailers, architects, project customers, new customers)
    • Customers purchase our Desima Collection Catalogues and sell our products in their showrooms.
  • Option 2 (Wholesalers and distributors)
    • Customers create their own collection catalogues with our products.
    • These can contain any combination, as desired, from our whole product portfolio.
    • The book in question may have an individual cover carrying your own logo, the Desima logo or both.
    • The selected articles can have their own article number in your catalogue. The connection between this article number and our products is only known to us and should be kept secret to guarantee sufficient protection for the market in question.
    • The catalogues can be produced in house by Desima and competitively priced. (minimum order: >80 books).
    • We can also offer our catalogues ”START”. On one hand this is suitable for new customers on the other interesting for big distributors. This book contains 56 of our bestselling articles which are mainly on stock (98% approx.). The book is available in the size 35 x 32 cm and can have an individual cover with article numbers and be purchased at a competitive price.
  • Option 3 (Wholesalers and distributors)
    • Customers cut out selected Desima textile wallcoverings make their own book together with articles from other manufacturers.
    • Here we would be glad to produce such catalogues for you.

The three options offer you numerous possibilities to cooperate with us. The range goes from simply using our products and elegant Desima collection catalogues to creating individual collections and books which can guarantee a high level of market protection.

In cases where you work on projects here we can also assist you in protecting certain combinations of articles you have selected. Please see more information under the section Customer Questions.

Our price list contains all articles in our Collections summarised per product group. Prices are based in Euros, ex works, net and if applicable plus customs duty. You can order any quantity you need however under 50m per article there is a 15% surcharge. Our textile wallpapers are as a rule 100cm wide (some articles are only 95 and/or 97 cm wide, depending on the design-pattern). The weight of the goods together with recommended sales price can be found in the price list.
For shipping Desima products within Europe we use UPS/FEDEX because of their attractive price conditions. Outside Europe we often use the service companies recommended from our customers.

We trust we have been able to give you a detailed and understandable overview of how we work. Needless to say we would appreciate any further ideas you may have regarding our cooperation.

A good start is always desirable for a long term and successful partnership. Therefore, we have prepared our Desima Starter Info (PDF) with all important information for you to download.